Workforce Development and Talent Attraction

Build Dakota Revitalize Grant

Revitalize the skills of your current employees or access talent as they learn your trade at one of the state’s four technical Colleges by harnessing the power of the Build Dakota Scholarship Industry Partners Program. The Build Dakota Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship for individuals entering high-need workforce programs identified at each of the technical Colleges. Becoming an Industry Partner and sponsoring a student means the business becomes responsible for a portion of the education costs. The Revitalize grant cuts the cost responsibility in half. Becoming an industry partner secures a skilled scholar for your business after graduation or even part-time, work-based learning while your scholar is still in school. Ensuring a skilled talent pipeline is essential for businesses that want to sustain current workforce challenges and have ambitions of future growth. 

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Relocate Grant

Highly skilled and qualified workers are harder to come by than ever. The Elevate Relocate Grant is here to provide reimbursement dollars for Black Hills area employers that bring talent from outside South Dakota to live, work, and enjoy the Black Hills.

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