Workforce Development and Talent Attraction

If you're looking for talent, you're in luck

Elevate Rapid City offers a Revitalize and Relocate Grant to assist employees and employers.

What our business leaders are saying

“What has been an ongoing expansion of technology as a driving force of Rapid City’s economy has surpassed critical mass as Rapid City continues to elevate its standing in the arenas of talent, investment, and opportunity. In a post-pandemic world, where talent works from where it wants to live, the Black Hills are a magnet for entrepreneurs, the companies they build, and the talent that fuels them. In the past year, we’ve seen interest in job posts and investors from other parts of the country increase significantly as freedom, opportunity, and safety increased in value.”
Shon Anderson, President/CEO, B9Creations

“We have attracted people from all over the world for our project, and they actually say the quality of life is better here than anywhere they have lived. I believe in the talent pool that we have locally and have successfully recruited from outside the state. This is a place where I can get things done because of the accessibility to community leaders and ranking officials in Rapid City and the Black Hills. The combination of the work ethic and business-friendly climate at a local and state level makes Rapid City the ideal place to develop and grow here!”
Carol Rae, President/CEO, ImmutriX Therapeutics

“RESPEC is a multi-dimensional, consulting company committed to growth.  We are constantly recruiting talent with all levels of experience and education. Our breadth of technical offerings require us to look outside the Black Hills region for recruiting experienced talent, which we have had consistent and outstanding success.  The Black Hills offer an unique environment to attract and retain talent.  Rapid City provides our professionals a wonderful natural environment to enjoy and raise their families, while building great careers.”
Todd J. Kenner, President/CEO, RESPEC

“Here at Phase Technologies we are lucky to live in an area that is attractive to candidates across the country.  The Black Hills provide beauty, hiking, skiing, and our dining opportunities are rapidly expanding.  As a rapidly growing company in the area, we find it is very easy to convince candidates to make the leap to Rapid City.”
Nicholas Kingsbury, CEO, Phase Technologies

“My wife and I dated the U.S., and out of everywhere we lived, we knew Rapid City was where we wanted to be. At Property Meld, we have built a culture to attract and retain or local talent and have seen great success in being able to recruit talent from all across the U.S. We are proud to be part of the story of bringing talent back.”
Ray Hespen, CEO, PropertyMeld

“We have had success at recruiting talented people that are working at bigger companies that want to move back to Rapid City and/or remain in the area. We’ve also had success at recruiting retiring military folks from Ellsworth AFB that typically have 20+ years of experience and want to stay here.”
Rob Hrabe, CEO, VRC Metal Systems