Elevate Leadership Institute

Our community's future success depends on pro-active, visionary leaders that lead strategically and progressively towards the common good of all.  The Elevate Leadership Institute will develop passionate, motivated, and engaged citizens who will understand how the workings of our community, state, region, and nation impact everyday lives.    

The Elevate Leadership Institute (ELI) aims to attract engaged citizens from across the region and then provide them with the background, unique experiences, and insights necessary to assume leadership positions in the community.  Participating in an ELI leadership experience will build self-confidence, teach valuable skills, identify one's greatest strengths, and empower individuals to maximize opportunities for success. An ELI graduate will advance their natural desire to serve, engage, lead and inspire others to join them to achieve even greater success.  Together we will discover the vision and continue to develop partnerships with a purpose to elevate the region for all.   

Who is Elevate Leadership Institute for?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As soon as you take the seemingly small step of hiring your first employee, the entire dynamic of your business is liable to change, because you’re no longer only responsible for yourself. If your ultimate career goal is to be a successful entrepreneur, developing your leadership skills is an essential piece of the puzzle, and can help you gain the skills necessary for building and managing high-performing teams.

Businesses and Organizations

Realizing the benefits of promoting from within, companies need to provide a pathway for their employees to develop the skills necessary for success. Investing in professional development initiatives, such as leadership training, is an effective way of doing so. It can also improve employee retention: Statistics show that employees would stay with a company longer if it invested in helping them learn and grow professionally.

New Leaders

Many established organizations follow a strict hierarchy in determining who to hire or promote into a leadership position. Applicants, whether internal or external, must typically meet a certain level of education and experience even to be considered. But in smaller or more nimble organizations, this hierarchy may not be formally established, which can enable an individual to move into a position of leadership even if they don’t yet have experience in such a role. (This can be particularly true for many startup environments.)

If you find yourself suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into a position of leadership, pursuing leadership training can be an effective means of getting oriented to your new role.

Early- and Mid-Career Professionals

Early- or mid-career professionals who are currently working as individual contributors or specialists within their department or organization stand to benefit from completing leadership training. This is especially true for anyone who has a desire to eventually move into a position of management or leadership but is unsure of how to get there. By taking a leadership course and proactively developing your leadership skills, you’re priming yourself to be ready when the opportunity arises to make a change.

The inaugural ELI runs from September 9, 2021 - May 5, 2022. View participants in the first class.

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