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Elevate Rapid City is an investment in your business and the environment in which your business operates.

No other business organization is as deeply connected to what is happening in the Rapid City community. And no other organization brings together the decision-makers and leaders who make things happen. Bringing businesses together is necessary for a vibrant and robust economy, and nobody does that better than Elevate Rapid City. 

Elevate helps local companies grow their business so the economy will grow for all businesses. Elevate Rapid City offers opportunities to market and promotes your business, business education and development, advocacy and representation, networking and connecting as well as community involvement.

The Value of Your Elevate Investment

Elevate investors are categorized depending on the level of investment. Each designation is accompanied by a certain set of benefits.

Please let us know how we can serve your business and together we can continue to grow a community where we can live, work and prosper to the fullest.

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