Government Contracts

Businesses are invited to attend free, weekly webinars to learn about what is needed to sell to government agencies. These workshops will provide insight and the opportunity to ask questions from the experts. Businesses can expect presentations from Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS), Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Small Business Administration (SBA), Ellsworth contracting squadron and The Corps of Engineers. Webinars brought to you by Elevate Rapid City, South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development, and Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

All webinars broadcast from 10-11 a.m. (MST) // Hosted on Zoom

Session 1 (October 1, 2020):  
Evaluating your business for Government Contracting –

When faced with potential opportunities, it is essential for businesses to evaluate their readiness to accept new challenges. 


Session 2 (October 8, 2020):  
Are you ready for government contracting?

In order to do business with the government, you need to be aware of requirements. This session will review the basics of getting started with government contracting.  

  1. Contracting 101 
  2. Capability Statement 
  3. SBA/VA programs 
  4. Q&A 


Session 3 (October 15, 2020): 
Cyber Security Requirements

Protecting your business from cyberattacks is now a requirement for Federal Government contracting. This session will address what businesses will need to do to be compliance with requirements. 


Session 4 (October 22, 2020):  
Selling and Contracting directly with Corps of Engineers 

Ellsworth AFB and the Omaha Corps of Engineers will address what they buy, how their requirements are met and how to be a successful contractor with their organizations. 

  1. Doing business with Ellsworth/COE 
  2. Security clearances and other potential roadblocks  
  3. Q&A 


Session 5 (October 29, 2020):  
All about subcontracting – Supplier Tips straight from Northrop Grumman 

Northrop Grumman’s Supplier Diversity Division will talk about their company requirements and the steps a business needs to take to be one of their subcontractors.  

  1. Procedures for Northrop Grumman subcontracting  
  2. Qualifications required  
  3. Q&A session 


Session 6 (November 5, 2020):  
PTAC’s Virtual Procurement Fair and business resources 

PTAC will host a virtual Procurement Fair for businesses to have one on one conversations with procurement offices. More details to come.

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