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In response to COVID-19, Elevate Rapid City put together 39 webinars that ran from March 25 - May 1, 2020. These free webinars were a way to support the Rapid City business community during a difficult time. View the webinars on our YouTube channel

Ascent Spotlight: Benchmark Data Labs - New Name, New Possiblities

Join Mitch Nachtigall, Director of Innovation Entrepreneurship for Elevate Rapid City, for a conversation with Jared McEntaffer, President and CEO of Benchmark Data Labs. Headquartered at Ascent Innovation, the technology start-up incubator of Elevate Rapid City, Benchmark has a new name and new ideas. Find out how they started, what they do, and where they’re headed. May 27 // 10 a.m.


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Elevate Rapid City is an investment in your business and the environment in which your business operates. No other business organization is as deeply connected to what is happening in the Rapid City community. And no other organization brings together the decision-makers and leaders who make things happen.

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As the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, it is important for all employers to monitor the outbreak and are prepared to implement strategies to protect their workforce while ensuring continuity of operations.

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