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Rapid City Supply Connection

We are all seeing shortages of important items for businesses and citizens (such as hand sanitizer, face coverings, etc.). Elevate Rapid City is working to connect businesses who have supplies to sell with those who are in need. Please fill out this form if you are a business in need of supplies or a business who can fulfill a need for items such as hand sanitizer, gloves, N95 masks or more.

Rapid City Supply Connection
Rapid City Supply Connection Directory

Not sure what items are needed?

As the Black Hills community works to re-open, we all need to do our part to ensure businesses and citizens are safe.  It’s important to continue to follow CDC guidelines and you can see the guidelines for your industry here.

As the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, it is important for all employers to monitor the outbreak and are prepared to implement strategies to protect their workforce while ensuring continuity of operations.

Road to Recovery Packet

Download your free Road to Recovery Packet from Elevate Rapid City. Inside you'll find resources and information to help your business open under the current Rapid City resolution during COVID-19.

Emergency Bridge Loan Program

The Elevate Rapid City Emergency Bridge Loan Program assisted 18 small business owners located in the Rapid City area that experienced economic damage as a result of COVID-19.  Loans were awarded up to $15,000 per eligible business and totaled $219,500. Learn more.


On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), in response to the economic effects of the COVID-19 virus. This act implements Economic Disaster Relief Loans and Paycheck Proection programs.

Click here to see a great comparison of these two programs.

Paycheck Protection Programs loan forgiveness application

Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act

The newly passed Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Flexibility Act recognizes the gradual recovery for businesses over the coming months and reflects the flexibility that is needed to safely and successfully get back to normal. Click here to view a comparison of the current and proposed PPP restrictions from the National Restaurant Association.

How does this impact your PPP loan?

  • "Covered Period" is now 24 weeks (originally 8 weeks), or until December 31, 2020.
  • The required payroll ratio is lowered to 60% (from 75%).
  • Up to 40% allowed for utilities, mortgage interest, etc. (from 25%).
  • Removes forgiveness reduction for businesses that were unable to rehire employees or hire new employees to return to pre-disaster employment levels.
  • Extends the loan term to 5 years at 1%.
  • Borrowers have 10 months from the end of the covered period to submit a forgiveness application.
  • Owners can receive PPP and are still allowed to defer payroll taxes.

What about your workers who are affected or need leave because of COVID-19? 

There is assistance in the form of refundable tax credits to provide paid sick and family leave for corona-virus related employment interruptions. The payroll tax credits would cover wages paid to employees while they take time off for sick leave and family leave programs, for up to 10 days. 

The sick leave credit would be for wages up to $511/day or $200/day if the sick leave is to care for a family member or child following the child’s school closing. 

The family leave credit would be for wages up to $200/day ($10,000/maximum) while the employee is receiving paid family leave.  The credit could be claimed each quarter.  The credit would not be available for employers receiving a credit for paid family and medical leave under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

Lost Your Job?

You may be eligible for unemployment/remployment insurance in repose to CVOID-19. Click here to see if you are eligible.

Rapid City to Go

Is your business offering curbside/carry-out/delivery services in response to social distancing precautions of the coronavirus? Be sure to join our Facebook Group and share! We created this group to help you share the message and encourage people to continue to support Rapid City businesses while also maintaining Social Distance. Need help with ideas of how your business can adapt? Contact us!