Young Professional Spotlight: Tyler Artz

July 30, 2020

Posted In: Elevate Magazine

Mining Engineer // RESPEC

Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Eastern South Dakota on a small farm. I came to the Black Hills in 2010 to attend South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where I received a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mining Engineering. I enjoy outdoor recreational activities like kayaking and hiking. I love to travel and meet new people. I keep myself busy with work, serving on boards for several organizations around Rapid City, and hanging out with my dog, Pepper. 

Where is your favorite place to hike?
We love hiking M Hill here in Rapid City.  It’s close and easy to get through and the view of the city is amazing from the top.  As a graduate from SD Mines, we’re able to view my name on a graduation plaque on the “D”.

So what is your job as a Mining Engineer?
Most of my work revolves around underground mine stability. We collect data from mine sites such as geology, location, mine plan and create computer models to simulate the distribution of stresses around the mine. The stress analysis helps predict how safe the mine development will be. 

How often do you actually travel in the mines? 
It varies. Recently I’ve been traveling up to the Homestake Mine, now the Sanford Underground Research Facility, conducting a research project a mile underground once a week. Since most of my projects are not in the Americas, I stick mostly to the office. But I have travelled to various sites in Nevada, Georgia, Texas, and Louisiana in the past few years.

Tell us your role on YPG and what you've gained from being a member.
I help out with the Events Committee within YPG, planning the monthly socials. COVID-19 has slowed us down a bit, but we try to brainstorm new ideas. Being part of YPG has helped me meet peers in different industries that are local to Rapid City. Throughout most of my background, I’ve interacted with engineers and scientists. It’s nice to meet new people that are lawyers, accountants, commercial sales people, or in the hospitality groups that I normally wouldn’t have met. It helps expand a person’s network.

How has YPG helped you connect with the community?
YPG is an amazing opportunity to meet new people, especially if you’re new to the area. There’s always a welcoming hand open. It helps you get involved with a group of peers to better the community. It also shows you what’s around the Rapid City area. And the biggest selling point of the group, is that it is fun. Everyone’s there to have a good time.