Young Professional Spotlight: Kourtney Peterson

November 26, 2020

Posted In: Elevate Magazine

Kourtney Peterson
Human Resource Generalist, Coeur Wharf Resources


Did you grow up in the Black Hills area?
Kourtney Peterson: I moved to the Black Hills to start my career after finishing my Bachelors Degree in Minnesota. My family is originally from Rapid City, so I grew up visiting quite often from my hometown in Lemmon, SD. I’ve always loved being in the Black Hills and seeing all it has to offer, so I just knew it would be the perfect place to start my life outside of college. In the Black Hills, I have been able to get into my career field as a Human Resource Generalist and complete my Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and Development. 

Our Finance Director, Dana Borowski is also from Lemmon. Where have you landed since graduating?
I work at Coeur Wharf Resources in Lead, which is the active open-cut gold mine. Being in Human Resources, some of the main tasks I do is interview, hire, and onboard applicants, administer benefits and leave, organize scheduling, assist in review of employee performance evaluations and discipline, maintain compliance with employment laws, and enforce policies and procedures. I also have the opportunity to train and assist in some more specific Human Resource tasks such as employee investigations. 

Never a shortage of work in your position. What task do you enjoy the most or find the most rewarding? 
It's hard to choose just one task that I like the most. Training in investigations is fascinating, and organizing employee holiday baskets, events, and facilitating companywide projects is just a blast, but I would have to pick interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. Going through the recruitment process of phone screens, in-person interviews, and onboarding is never boring and is very rewarding. I love making an applicant's days when I call with an offer, as well as the pre-employment screening process that involves running backgrounds and ensuring an applicant is cleared to start. In addition, it is very satisfying when a hire or hires are complete and a department is fully staffed. Of course, those interesting moments that come with interviewing are also plus; never a dull moment in HR. 

Tell us how you enjoy spending your time.
I’m a frequent traveler and try to take an exotic trip at least once a year. Most of my travels have mainly taken me through Europe, but some of my favorite places so far have been Alaska, Paris, London, and New York. One of my main goals is to do a large backpacking trip through many different countries and see all seven wonders of the world. It’s only natural that I would end up living in a tourist destination as well! 

So you've been able to sample some fine dishes...
Paris had a lot of sandwiches. Everywhere I went that was the main food choice. Of course I had to try some macarons and a baguette sandwich, but I would have to say my favorite food was a chocolate or cream filled croissant. My favorite drink would have to be a sparkling wine at Mont Saint-Michel outside of Paris, I actually brought two bottles home with me!