Young Professional Spotlight: Adam Prudich

April 21, 2020

Posted In: Elevate Magazine

Adam Prudich
Black Hills Energy // Engineer Technician

Tell us about yourself.

I support the design of substations and transmission lines for our local Electrical Utility. I have been blessed to work with BHE for 5 years. A father of 3, I can often be found at a basketball gym for my son (17) or at a dance studio/theater for my girls (12, 11). I often joke that I run a non-profit youth transportation business (currently not taking any more clients). I enjoy riding my motorcycle on the open road, my mountain bike on the many trails of the Black Hills, frisbee golf, yardwork, puzzles, and working out to keep my mind and body fresh.

You keep busy and still find time for the Young Professionals Group (YPG).

Busy is the bee that makes the honey. When you’re busy doing for others, you have to make time for yourself. The YPG is a great program and provides many opportunities for those looking to do more than work and go home. You honestly don’t know what you don’t know. With the monthly socials you meet new people, see old friends, learn about local businesses/ organizations, and really get to do some cool things like walking through Quality Brands warehouse full of stacked beer cases! In addition, we provide monthly community involvement events that create awareness for local non-profits and other organizations and serve a need through volunteering in some capacity.

How have you volunteered through YPG?

Earlier this month, we mentored and played games with kids in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program who are currently waiting to be sponsored. Last month, we supported a local radio station that creates handmade valentines to gift to senior citizens. The feeling of service and being purposeful to a cause is very rewarding and members of our YPG look for these opportunities to be impactful.

So the YPG is more than just networking.

It’s so much more than a monthly social. We consistently provide a professional development opportunity through workshops or speakers, that affords our members a way to invest in themselves.

What is your role on the steering committee?

I serve as the Chair for the Community Involvement (CI) Sub-Committee for YPG. The CI Committee is one of 4 subcommittees we offer our members. In this role, I coordinate all of our monthly community involvement events. I have a budget to work with where donations are made to the organization for that event. Being on the steering committee is an excellent opportunity to develop leadership and team-building skills. We build the framework for our program to not only recruit new members but create value in many ways to retain our members and give them a return on their investment to the group.

How does one get involved with YPG?

Download the application from Yearly dues are only $ 80. As a member, you get paid admittance to all the monthly socials, any of the professional development workshops, and the opportunity to participate with any of our community involvement events. Non-Members can still attend our socials, but there is a $15 fee. So you can see why the $ 80 is well worth the investment to join.