Tidal Wave Auto Spa of Rapid City – Business Spotlight

June 24, 2021

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Tidal Wave is one of the fastest growing car wash chains in the country and is a recognized leader in the industry with 60+ locations across 9 states. Tidal Wave Auto Spa's wave of success began in 2004 and is headquartered in Thomaston, GA. Tidal Wave Auto Spa is known by it's superb customer service, sparkling clean cars and the aesthetic of the structures and landscaping. The company aggressively pursues talented employees who are trained to provide top notch friendly service. Tidal Wave Auto Spa is redefining the car wash industry.

When you’re looking for a highly rated, lightning-fast car wash with friendly customer service and free vacuums, choose Tidal Wave Auto Spa. For the best value and convenience, join the Unlimited Wash Club. Members enjoy 30 days of unlimited washes for just one low monthly payment. Tidal Wave is an express car wash, which means you drive up to the pay station, select a wash, and they will prep your car and guide you into the wash tunnel. Put your vehicle in neutral and relax while your car glides through waves of colorful foam and lights as our gentle cleaners wash away the grime, leaving your car sparkling clean.

After your wash help yourself to vacuums, towels and spray cleaner to put the finishing touches on your vehicle’s interior. Tidal Wave is open 7 days a week and ready to offer you the ultimate car spa experience. Don't just wash it, Tidal Wave it!

Giving back to the communities they call home is a core value for Tidal Wave Auto Spa. On the third Friday of September, each location will donate 100% of proceeds from all sales made that day to a charity or non-profit group, in the local area with a special emphasis on those that serve children and adults with special needs. Tidal Wave also offers fundraising opportunities for local schools, churches, civic groups, sports teams and more.

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