There’s a new game in town

April 28, 2021

Written By: Shiloh Francis

Posted In: Elevate Magazine

Imagine some of your favorite childhood games coming to life right before your eyes. You no longer need couches, pillows, and chairs to save you when someone shouts “the floor is lava!” Instead, you traverse obstacles, climb a volcano, and try to rack up as many points as possible while avoiding the red hot floor.

And you no longer need string tied between door frames to accomplish the heist. Now, you can enter the vault and do your best to not touch a “lazer” lest you be buzzed and have to start again. A person seeking the ultimate adventure and treasure will enter the Hidden Temple – racing to solve puzzles and collect treasure before time runs out.

Game On! has opened in Rapid City bringing your childhood imagination to life as an interactive, hi-tech, live action, no-contact, adventure center for all ages. This new family-friendly adventure center encourages physical fitness, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking with state-of-the-art technology and elaborate hand-built scenes.

“I have this idea…” have become four of the most dangerous, yet inspiring, words for Bonny to say to the masterminds behind Game On! The four partners, Bonny Fleming, Dylan Fleming, and James and Emily Randle got their start designing elaborate experiences for people in the area with haunted houses twenty years ago. Some may even recall a visit to “Fort Fear” on Highway 16. But they reached a point where they were ready to do something more permanent; to let their ideas come to life and serve on a greater level.

And Rapid City will be better for it.

The vision for Game On! is to be more than an adventure center – it will also serve as a community resource. Groups can use the party room for meetings or a safe place for teens to gather. They’ve been able to partner with local artists for sets and murals. And Press Start, a retro arcade restaurant and bar downtown, has partnered to create the vintage arcade inside. “We want to be a part of making this community better,” explain siblings Bonny and Dylan as they reflect on how they’ve gotten to this point.

Whether you’re looking for family fun, a date night, a way to get out with friends, or even a corporate retreat, head to GameOn! and immerse yourself in a high-energy, real-world adventure. The biggest challenge will be returning to the outside world!

2004 Creek Dr., Rapid City