TerraSite Design - Business Spotlight

January 04, 2021

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Established in 2018, TerraSite Design does broad spectrum consulting for direct and indirect clients including federal, municipal, state, private development and residential projects. They are the perfect pairing between architect and engineer; bringing cohesive, vetted, sustainable, solutions to projects across the country.

Locally owned by Shane Matt, PE and Eirik Heikes, PLA, TerraSite Design offers landscape architecture, civil engineering and planning, lighting design, planting design, infrastructure development design, and high performing sites.

They take pride with their in-house services - combining civil and landscape architecture seamlessly. They are natural collaborators and scientists specializing in site planning. They are nationally recognized experts in cemetery design and award winning park/plaza consultants. TerraSite Design builds communities.

TerraSite Design recently broke ground on a new veterans cemetery in Ardmore, Oklahoma for the Department of Veterans Affairs.They have successfully navigated design, bidding, and grant aligment efforts.

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