Shop Small Business Saturday on November 27

November 22, 2021

Posted In: Business News

Small Business Saturday (November 27) is quickly approaching. And while it is a great one-day reminder to shop local, we would challenge you to support local businesses throughout the year.

When you shop locally, you do far more than get the items that you want quickly and conveniently. Buying local stimulates the economy in our community, helps benefit local schools and charities — and it even helps the environment.

Here are a few reasons why it's important to shop and buy locally.

Buying Local Keeps Money in Our Community

When you buy locally, the small business you're making your purchase from certainly benefits, but the benefits keep growing. A small business that does well is likely to hire more people, who then spend more money in the Black Hills region.

Buying locally also pours money into the local institutions that need it. Taxes are paid locally, boosting our libraries, schools, and infrastructure. Local businesses are also more likely to donate to charities, helping make improvements that all can enjoy.

In fact, when independent think tank The New Economics Foundation compared similar purchases made at chain stores vs. those made with local businesses, the experts determined that buying locally puts double the money into the community than occurs when you make a purchase at a chain store.

Buying Local Results in More Diverse Choices for Customers

When you go to one big box store after another, you'll see the same product choices, over and over. The only real difference is in price — and often that difference is a matter of pennies.

Buying locally is a whole different experience. Each small business in our community is unique, offering a true connection with customers and a real understanding of their visitors' needs. Think about the diversity of stepping into a local boutique to do some clothes shopping versus perusing the offerings at chain stores, which all seem to look the same. Local artisans and craftspeople can show off their wares and build a following when you shop locally.

In addition, local businesses are typically far more flexible, adjusting to meet the immediate needs of customers much more quickly than giant national chains can do. They can also do a better job of stocking the products our community members want since they're part of the community.

Buy Local to Make Rapid City the Place People Want to Be

Related to the previous reason to buy locally is the idea that those unique products lead to a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. No one goes to a big box store to browse or to enjoy recreational shopping. But when Baken Park, Uptown Rapid, Rushmore Crossing, and downtown Rapid City are filled with local retailers, you create a sense of self-image that helps define our community. Our unique businesses are something to be proud of.

By supporting local businesses, we can also help entrepreneurship thrive, which adds to local prosperity and innovation. Every local retailer is one of our neighbors who has taken a risk to try to make our region a better, stronger place, boosting the economy and helping lift friends and neighbors into the middle class. They elevate the region, for all.

When we all look for ways to buy local, our actions show that we believe our community is worth investing in. We put our money into things we care about, including our local schools, and we enjoy a better purchasing experience overall. Shopping and buying locally are a win-win for you, for small businesses, and our region.


Small Business Saturday Specials

In the spirit of Small Business Saturday, several local businesses are offering specials when you shop. See what we mean about a compound effect? These businesses have invested in the future of Rapid City as Elevate investors and are paying it forward with deals for you! Check them out and support local this season.


Click here to see a full list of businesses that have invested in Elevate.