Second Annual Elevate Pro-Business Scorecard Revealed

April 29, 2021

Posted In: Advocacy

Click the scorecard to download a print-ready copy.

Infrastructure, schools, safety, and amenities all play a crucial role in creating a community people want to live in. Without sound public policy to support growth and improvement in these areas a community cannot thrive. This is why Elevate maintains a full-time presence in Pierre advocating for the region’s business community.

The second annual 2021 Pro-Business scorecard tracked the votes of area legislators on 16 key bills that Elevate took a stance on. These bills focused on public policy, funding, and preparing for the B-21 mission.

Nine of fifteen area legislators scored high enough to be identified as pro-business champions.

Please refer to the South Dakota Legislative Research Council website for the full bill texts and voting records from the 2021 Session.


2020 Scorecard