SatCom Marketing, Minneapolis-based company, Expands to Rapid City

October 30, 2020

Written By: Shiloh Francis

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SatCom Marketing, Minneapolis-based company, Expands to Rapid City

  • 100-150 new jobs to be created
  • Salaries start at $13 per hour plus earned commission and averaging between $14-18/hour
  • Company culture is focused on developing and promoting from within
  • Elevate Rapid City was able to facilitate location, market research, and workforce training incentives
  • Will help those still unemployed from the Covid-19 and raise per-capita incomes in the area

As a 100% US-based company focused on providing clients with top-quality sales and service, SatCom Marketing knew they could not expand their services to just any community. The Minneapolis-based company had been watching recent events across the country during the pandemic and knew the expansion they had been considering for months needed a location with a stable workforce and a stable business climate. 

“We executed our search for a new call center location at a very difficult time,” said Bob Bedford, COO of SatCom Marketing. “Between COVID-19 and the rioting occurring around the country, we needed to find a location where these issues were minimized and had a stable business climate and workforce.  South Dakota and Rapid City are just what we were looking for. Well-educated, hard-working people, reasonable taxes, a low cost of living and a business climate that appreciates the jobs we bring to the area. We feel like Rapid City is the perfect location for us.” 

That’s when they reached out to Matt Brunner, Economic Development Director for Elevate Rapid City.  The company had been considering other locations, but the professional staff and the quick response time from the community made a huge difference.  And for the past two months, Elevate worked with the company until the project was a go.

“We are excited to welcome SatCom Marketing to the community and the timing couldn’t be better,” expressed President and CEO, Tom Johnson. “From the start, they are bringing jobs to the area as we work to recover from the effects of COVID-19. These are the kind of jobs that will help our entry-level workforce earn higher wages. The company pays above average wages for their industry and above average wages for hundreds of workers in the area who are still struggling because of the lingering pandemic. Our mission is not just tech jobs.  We are here to Elevate the region for all, including our emerging workforce.”

Elevate Rapid City was able to assist SatCom Marketing with finding a facility to lease. The team also leveraged the EPIC program to provide market research for the company.  Finally, the company continues to explore other incentives like workforce training.  

“The team at Elevate has been a great resource for us throughout the process,” said Bedford. “They were much more than just a source of information, they were a true partner that worked hard to make sure our new location would meet our needs at SatCom Marketing as well as the needs of the people of Rapid City. We look forward to working with Elevate both on our launch and as we grow in the Rapid City area.”

SatCom Marketing takes great pride in the care they show their employees with the belief that outstanding employees are the strong foundation of the business. “While our focus is always on production and meeting our clients’ business goals, we work well with our employees for flexible scheduling and incentives that matter to them,” adds Bedford. Currently, 51% of Minnesota-based Sales Agents have an average of 5-9 years of employment with the company.

The facility at 809 Deadwood Avenue is nearing completion this week and the next step will be to begin hiring.

Interested applicants can find more information at

About SatCom Marketing

Launched in 1993, SatCom Marketing, LLC is a 100% US-based contact center services provider for the broadband and telecommunications industry. Specializing in outbound sales, inbound sales, survey work and lead generation, SatCom Marketing trains its sales consultants in consultative and assumptive sales techniques to ensure the highest return on investment for its clients. By training homegrown talent and promoting internally, SatCom Marketing delivers on its mission of delivering quality sales and meaningful customer interactions for its clients.

About Elevate Rapid City

Elevate Rapid City is a public-private partnership organization leading the economic development and small business efforts in the Black Hills region. We work to elevate the Rapid City region for all with the strong vision of making Rapid City and the Black Hills region the place people want to be. Visit to learn more.

FOR RELEASE: October 30, 2020

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