Revitalizing downtown, one façade at a time

February 04, 2021

Written By: Elevate Rapid City

Posted In: Elevate Magazine

Downtown is the heart and soul of any community. From shopping and dining to arts and culture and everything in between, you don’t have to go far to find what you are looking for. Main Street Square has given Rapid City’s downtown an even more unique draw, providing a central place for family-friend and community-wide events.

And while small businesses work hard to provide product and a positive customer-experience inside, it makes it hard to commit resources and prioritize the exterior.

In commitment to revitalizing the downtown and surrounding area, stimulate private sector investment, and spur job creation, Elevate Rapid City has created a Downtown Façade Loan Program.

Businesses in or near the downtown business district looking to make visible improvements to the overall façade of their building can apply for no-to-low interest loans for up to 10 years.

“Downtown is both the heart and soul of any community,” says Elevate President & CEO Tom Johnson. “The Elevate Downtown Façade Loan Program helps make that heart beat stronger, makes that soul sing louder.”

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