Management firm celebrates 20 years

July 29, 2020

Posted In: Investor Spotlights

Project Solutions Inc. (PSI) is celebrating 20 years with a new façade in downtown Rapid City.

While there may be a full workforce inside this Rapid City office, the size of the building does not capture the reach of PSI. They provide construction management, business development, and facility management. This includes overseeing projects in our backyard like the construction underway at Mt. Rushmore, or in places as far as the Grand Canyon. The business development division helps fledgling businesses in the surrounding states and works with disadvantaged businesses to enter the workforce and build up our economy. The third arm of PSI is the facilities division which staffs, trains, and maintains critical resource facilities like wastewater treatment plants.

Wherever the project is, PSI brings South Dakota’s Midwest work ethic with them. That work ethic has played a role in their success over the past 20 years. In the National Parks, National Forests, offices, and government buildings where they operate, they are well known for their impressive work and have no shortage of projects to show for it.

PSI plans to bring in more employees to the area and use their location as a hub for government agencies to plan and review construction projects. This move looks to bring more jobs and opportunities to the area and capitalize on the skilled and developing professionals in Rapid City.

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