Legislative Scorecard

April 02, 2020

Written By: by Anna Hayes

Posted In: Advocacy

Elevate Advocacy 

Encouraging economic development and supporting policies that promote a healthy business environment is a core value of Elevate Rapid City’s mission. Elevate understands the impact that public policy can have on the quality of a community, and believe it imperative to influence good policy and stop policy that hinders the advancement of Rapid City business owners.

What is a Legislative Scorecard?

Legislative scorecards are used throughout the country by a variety of groups to provide information on key votes of politicians regarding policy issues. Elevate aggregated the votes from the 2020 Legislative Session to help provide context for investors on a local official’s voting record relative to priority business issues.

Elevate’s 2020 Legislative Scorecard

The Elevate 2020 Legislative Scorecard intends to highlight the work done by Elevate at the Capitol advocating for investor interests. This is a fact-based accountability tool that reflects how local legislators voted on priority issues for Elevate. We are proud to applaud our Pro-Business Champions and our Business Advocates for their good-faith partnership and collaboration throughout the legislative process. Elevate continues our advocacy work and seeks to coordinate with all legislators to promote good policy for the Rapid City business community. 

Local elections are approaching. We ask that you use this document as a part of your comprehensive research. If you are interested in pro-business policy, consider this as a tool to navigate current business-related topics. Elevate’s Advocacy program welcomes your questions and further discussion on any of these issues, or your ideas to promote in the future.

The scorecard is recorded on a simple calculation of the number of bills voted in accordance to Elevate’s policy position versus the total amount of bills on which Elevate took a formal policy position. Legislators were not penalized for any votes for which they were excused. This voting record is not indictive of everything that occurred during the legislative session.

The scorecard is not intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of any lawmaker, but rather a factual presentation of Elevate’s strict pro-business policy priorities in the Rapid City community.


Bills Scored from the 2020 Legislative Session

Here is a link to the position statements informed by Elevate’s Public Policy Committee for each piece of the scored legislation.

Below are links to each bill’s text, status, and statewide voting record, found at the legislature’s website: http://sdlegislature.gov/

Senate Bill 70: Authorize the use of Spanish in obtaining certain driver licenses and permits.

Senate Bill 72: Establish the Dakota's promise scholarship program, to establish the Dakota's promise fund, to make an appropriation, and to declare an emergency.

Senate Bill 157: Revise certain provisions regarding the county zoning and appeals process.

Senate Joint Resolution 501: Proposing and submitting to the voters an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, providing for wagering on sporting events and to revise provisions regarding certain municipal proceeds of gaming revenues.

House Bill 1057: Prohibit certain acts against children and provide a penalty therefor. 

House Bill 1083: Rename the postsecondary technical institutes as technical colleges.

House Bill 1100: Make an appropriation to begin the research and development of a new bioprocessing facility and to declare an emergency.

House Bill 1179: Authorize series limited liability companies.

House Concurrent Resolution 6017: To encourage the creation of an interim legislative study to address infrastructure and funding support related to the expansion of Ellsworth Air Force Base.