Industry experts offer free trainings to small business owners

October 27, 2020

Written By: Shiloh Francis

Posted In: Elevate Magazine

When it comes to operating a business, small business owners wear a lot of hats.

Accountant. Marketing Specialist. Customer Service Representative. HR Manager. Janitor. And that could be in only the first hour!

What started as a dream to offer a product or service, soon brought challenges like learning accounting, and how to manage expenses and inventory. Then there is the need for marketing to get customers through the door. And ensure the business is staying relevant by incorporating the right technology.

And once you’ve gotten things figured out, it’s time to grow, hire staff. Which brings on even more challenges: How do you handle payroll? What about HR when you certainly don’t have an HR “Department”?

Understanding the challenges business owners face is exactly why Elevate Rapid City is offering free virtual training for area businesses around these very topics! Attendees will be able to hear from and ask questions of industry experts to help their business continue to grow and thrive. From HR & Payroll to learning how to offer e-gift cards, these topics will prepare you to have a success Small Business Saturday and holiday season to come.

All sessions are free and open to the public. Register for all events at

Virtual Training Lineup
November 2 // Resources For Your Small Business
November 5 // What MTS Can Do for You
November 9 // Offering Gift Cards via Your Website: Strategies and Options
November 16 // Payroll and HR For Small Businesses
November 19 // Creating a Culture of Success and Solutions
November 23 // A Remarkable Customer Experience Doesn’t Happen By Accident