Economic Indicators: March 2021

March 19, 2021

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You probably don’t remember, but there was a time when the Bee Gees were more like the Beatles and less like disco. More like Let It Be and less like Grease. Check out the video “I’ve Got to Get A Message to You” from 1968 and tell me that’s not straight outta Liverpool (or Brisbane, but who's looking?). I guess what we are saying is: the Bee Gees are more than just a disco band.

This month’s economic indicators are a little like that. These numbers are a little more vocal and a little less beat. Almost all the indicators are rebounding from where we were a year ago — the employment rate recovery especially deserving of its own bridge in this song. What this means is that you should be dancing, yeah, but also tempering that excitement with the recognition that we are in a weird time, a sort of calm before the storm, as the country and the region anticipate coming out of this year-long (and more) pandemic. Gross sales? Slightly down. Commercial rents? A bit lower. Building permits? Stayin’ alive, my friends.

This is all to say that, as we move into summer in the Black Hills and the pandemic lifts, we’re expecting some serious night fever in these numbers—sales, employment, lease rates, boardings—you name it, all of them are going up.

-Tom Johnson,
President & CEO

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