Commercial development attracts brewery and fitness center

June 25, 2020

Written By: Shiloh Francis

Posted In: Business News, Elevate Magazine

TJ and Angelica Wojtanowicz are hoping to create a sense of community for south Rapid City

“Don’t short change your vision.” That’s become the guiding force for Angelica and TJ Wojtanowicz as they create Town Centre South. Located at 4905 5th Street, this commercial development will be more than office suites. The Black Hills Realty brokers are looking to create a central hub and sense of community for south Rapid City.

The four-suite office building is the new home for Black Hills Realty and will be joined by Evolved Gym and Cohort Craft Brewery by their planned grand opening date later this fall. The fresh, different curb appeal instantly catches your eye as you drive by, but the overall vision for this space is so much more. Family-friendly food truck nights, concerts, and farmers markets; there are very few options off the table for what this development will become. They created the space to be functional with an abundance of parking in anticipation of welcoming the community.

Angelica and TJ have a passion for small businesses and the growth of Rapid City, which spurred them to partner with Dr. Stephen and Hillary Khachikian and invest in developing Town Centre South. “People often talk about how they want the cool shops and restaurants to come to Rapid City, but they don’t shop and support them,” Angelica shared. This is in part why they did not let “just any business” come into the development. They want to partner with businesses that share the community-centered vision. While the public needs to shop and support local businesses, Angelica would also add that it’s up to the owners to create the right atmosphere as well, “business owners need to be passionate and show up.” As someone who owned a boutique in downtown Rapid City for eight years, it’s safe to say she speaks from experience.

This is only the first set of office suites. Plans are beginning for a second building with the hopes of adding a restaurant and retail. Interested businesses can contact them at or call 605.863.1920.