Pure Bean building a lab to certify baristas

May 09, 2021

Written By: Michelle Pawelski

Posted In: Elevate Magazine


Nick Reid, owner of Pure Bean, is serious about his coffee. So much that he hopes to travel to Brazil this summer to get his Q Processor Certification, a designation that provides the knowledge for him to certify stages of coffee processing. “Q Processors grade the coffee operation from dirt to the bag, from growing to the harvesting to processing to the drying to the bagging,” said Reid, who began air roasting coffee in his garage in a modified popcorn popper more than a decade ago. A Q or Quality Processor is one of two branches of certification with the Specialty Coffee Association, the international body of coffee professionals. The second certification is a Q Grader which grades the actual coffee. “I am working with some coffee that is basically unknown to the outside world,” said Reid who recently returned from a coffee excursion to India.

He is also in the process of building a certified lab at the Fairmont Creamery location, the current site for both the roasting operations and coffee house. The lab will provide a facility to certify and train baristas as well as have classes to certify Q graders. The lab will be the first in the upper Midwest. Currently, the closest lab is in Kansas City.  “People will come from all over the world to be certified.”