Best GEN - Business Spotlight

December 15, 2020

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Established in 2017, Best GEN is a complete turnkey commercial real estate development company specializing in modular construction. Best GEN was founded by Branden Bestgen, a Sturgis native who spent his early years building homes alongside his father. Branden's dream is to utilize his unique position in commercial real estate to create wealth for his community.

Best GEN offers a fully integrated delivery system for commercial real estate development. Best GEN Capital raises funds for all Best GEN projects. Best GEN Development oversees the acquisition and design through Pure Design Architecture firm. Best GEN Modular builds our state-of-the-art boxes and Best GEN Construction completes all site work and box assembly. Best GEN Management manages all properties developed and held by Best GEN.

Our speed to market is faster than any on the market. From conception to completion a Best GEN project can be done within 180 days.

Best Gen is motivated in investing in the future of Rapid City.

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