Ascent Spotlight: Endlas

June 25, 2020

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South Dakota School of Mines and Technology graduates James Tomich, Brett Trotter, and Josh Hammell created a unique business model here in Rapid City, Endlas. 

There aren’t many specialists in the world that do laser materials processing and Endlas is incredibly innovative in their approach. “People in the industry think we are crazy, that what we are doing isn’t real,” says Tomich. Their goal is to always refine their technology, to make products with increasingly longer lifespans. “It’s challenging, what we do is not just solving a simple problem.” And they are continuing to solve more problems, looking to diversify their business into the consumer products market in the knife world, as well as contracting in the defense industry. Tomich says, “one of the principle approaches guiding us — every situation in industry has similarities to other things we have done. Nothing is ever a panacea solution.” 

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